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Quiet the Chatter.
Extend spindle life, reduce scrap rates and deliver better-looking parts using the powerful new chatter avoidance of Production Module v9.0.
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Bold innovation in motion™

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Incremental innovation is necessary, but not sufficient for companies to survive and thrive. It requires new ways, new thinking, and strong innovation, to not only maintain existing business, but to adapt to grow. Breakthrough advancements are the output of shifting the approach, being nimble, and relentless in innovating. Being Bold!

It’s what we call

Bold Innovation in Motion

At Third Wave Systems (TWS), we pride ourselves on being the premier Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) provider for companies that machine. Our modeling products and services are used by progressive companies, to dramatically reduce costs of machined components, accelerate design cycles, improve part quality, and get to market faster. Our experimentally validated material modeling technology, coupled with advanced Explicit-Dynamic Finite Element Analysis (FEA), gives engineers and other users vastly more information than trial-and-error testing alone. This enables them to make better decisions. Our talented team of engineers is passionate about materials, machining, modeling, and helping support Bold Innovation. This winning formula gives leadership at our customers the peace of mind that their people have the technology and support, to help drive their top and bottom lines.

Come join our movement.