Engineering Services

Our engineering team serves as an extension of our customers’ teams. We collaborate with our customers to help solve machining problems and provide services in the form of training, in-plant implementation, and material modeling services. The engineering team brings in-depth knowledge of your industry to dramatically reduce costs of machined components, accelerate design cycles, improve part quality, and get to market faster.


Our training philosophy is simple. Rather than doing the work for you, we ‘teach you to fish.’ You have the expertise in your parts, processes, equipment, and materials. We coach you on applying our products to your industry-specific problems and processes.

The training we provide is industry specific. It is geared towards helping you learn innovative machining modeling techniques. The users are encouraged to apply these techniques in their production environment during the training. At the end of the training, users have an optimized production part or an insight into a machining process that paves the way for a new design and process conditions.

We offer web-based or on-site training globally in English, German, Japanese, Mandarin and Korean.

Advanced training options are also available to take your team to the next level in innovation, including advanced analysis and creating custom constitutive material models.

In-plant Implementations

To help customers incorporate AdvantEdge and Production Module into their business, Third Wave Systems’ Applications Engineers travel globally to customer facilities to teach users about the products in an interactive on-site format.

Sessions are highly customizable. They can range from large settings that use step-by-step manuals provided by Third Wave Systems, to very specific one-on-one sessions for the most advanced users. For years, Third Wave Systems’ engineers have been assisting and empowering its users to implement process optimization with four easy steps:


Establishing process objectives


Collecting data and setting up simulations


Analyzing simulation results


Implementing process improvements

Material Modeling Services​

Do you have a specific alloy that you are interested in modeling that isn’t in our database of nearly 150 material models? We can develop and deliver a material model for you that goes through the same process as our standard materials. To do this, we:

  • Perform fundamental material tests
  • Develop the constitutive model
  • Conduct simulations, and validate the results against machining tests to ensure accuracy across a very wide set of conditions
  • Deliver this material model to you, in AdvantEdge and/or Production Module

Want to internalize this capability for advanced analysis? Please see the training section, where we can teach you how to develop your own material models.

Building Advanced Constitutive Material Models

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