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Who We Are

If you have ever driven a car, ridden a motorcycle, flown in an airplane, or used nearly anything relating to motion, there’s a good chance that the metal components were engineered and manufactured using Third Wave Systems’ (TWS) technology. Since we started the business in the mid-’90s, our vision has been to have TWS technology touch every high-value machined component on the planet. The world continues to change at an unprecedented pace. It requires new ways, new thinking and strong innovation to not only maintain existing business but to adapt to grow. Breakthrough advancements are the output of shifting the approach, being Bold, nimble, and relentless in innovation. We call this Bold Innovation in Motion. We have adopted Bold Innovation in Motion as our mantra and live by it day and night to propel us towards our vision.

TWS develops, sells, and supports the premier Finite Element Analysis (FEA) based products to companies involved in machining. Our experimentally validated materials technology is automated and integrated with popular Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and simulation tools. This creates an easy-to-use system, enabling Bold Innovation. Our products are used by hundreds of customers in the automotive, aerospace, cutting tool, medical, power generation, and other industries by thousands of engineers who strive to:

  • Dramatically reduce machining time and increase throughput and capacity
  • Reduce tooling costs
  • Get to market faster by reducing design cycles and traditional testing
  • Improve product quality and performance
  • Win more business and help leaders sleep

We are a team of driven, solutions-oriented engineers and technologists who take pride in High Performance/Cloud Computing, FEA, materials, manufacturing, cars, airplanes and other things in motion. We also collaborate with some of the brightest minds in R&D in these fields. Our greatest passion is to help support you to move faster and support your Bold Innovation, in this ever-changing world.

We are a privately held business based in Minneapolis, MN, USA, with offices in Germany and presence across the globe through distributors.

Come join our movement.

Kerry Marusich – Founder/CEO


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