Production Module

Toolpath Level Analysis and Optimization

Modern manufacturing requires continuous improvements to adapt and grow in rapidly changing markets.

Production Module is the premier CAE product for modeling machining at the toolpath level. Production Module integrates advanced, experimentally validated, FEA driven material models, with CAD/CAM into an easy to use system for analyzing and improving machining processes. This gives engineers more information than trial-and-error testing, enabling Bold Innovation.

Dramatically Reduce Machining Time

Forward thinking manufacturers use better data to achieve better throughput. With a non-linear FEA engine embedded in Production Module, users can balance loads, pressures and even temperatures across the entire toolpath. Dramatically reduce machining times and improve tool life with actionable insights available through Production Module. Defy the traditional linear thinking that there is always a tradeoff between material removal rates and tool life. Innovate endlessly with Third Wave Systems.

Best-in-Class Machining Analysis

Production Module was born of the idea that powerful software can solve the most complex problems. Problems like designing a fixture for a new product introduction, running what-if scenario analysis for different toolpath strategies or removing a pressure spike to improve tool life all have one thing in common. These problems require extreme precision and powerful insights at every degree of rotation to find effective solutions. Production Module enables Bold Innovation.

Improve Spindle Life

Unscheduled downtime creates expensive delays that hinder throughput. When a spindle problem causes downtime, it delays delivery commitments and causes wasteful repair expenses. Production Module’s ability to identify momentary spikes helps customers reduce spindle rebuild needs significantly. Production Module users have also diagnosed problems resulting from incorrect contact between the tool holder interface and the spindle head. These problems are challenging to diagnose without the availability of the scientific data from Production Module. Another unique use of Production Module is to use the FEA-driven material models to accurately identify power and torque specifications for a new machine, or to move production to a lower powered machine. Engineers love to ensure that they are not over-engineering a solution or using a higher safety factor than required. Production Module provides confident analysis for engineers to work efficiently.

Straightforward Interface

Make confident decisions using critical data at the click of a button. Algorithms and integrations developed by Third Wave Systems give users the starting point for identifying the correct optimization parameters for their specific analysis. Suggested Optimization Values provided by Production Module consider the uniqueness of each operation, each workpiece material, each toolpath strategy and each tool. This powerful data helps users analyze quicker and with the highest degree of confidence to deliver results on the production floor. 

The CAM integrations help ensure that the users are focused on the analysis. The integration ensures that the users can reproduce, review and edit the toolpath for years to come, if needed, with the traceability and compliance built in the integration.

Production Module’s open architecture, with an integrated API suite, has enabled users to put together end-to-end process analysis automation that is tailored to their requirements.

Market Support

With the Production Module support team, you work with leading Engineers who have expertise in machining and CAE analysis. Third Wave Systems’ Engineering Support team is an extension of your team. In addition to providing product support, our team works with you to enable you to innovate solutions to your most critical challenges. While your team has expert knowledge of your parts, processes, equipment and materials, we have the expertise to help guide you in applying our products to your industry specific problems and processes. Whether you need expertise in reducing cycle time, improving tool life and part quality, or accelerating design cycles, TWS engineers will be able to provide valuable insights on using scientific data for enabling Bold Innovation. Finally, we also work with your IT team so ensure smooth data flow to enable you to make TWS part of your standard work.

Third Wave Systems has developed several XChange interface packages for CATIA, Mastercam and Siemens NX. These interfaces were developed to streamline Production Module project setups so users can quickly and efficiently optimize milling and turning toolpaths to achieve significant cycle time savings.

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