CAM Integration

Simplifying Toolpath Analysis Workflow

Third Wave Systems XChange - Interfaces and CAM Integration

Not everyone uses the same CAD/CAM package, and at Third Wave Systems, we understand that. In order to be compatible with as broad a range of applications as possible within the industry, we’ve developed interface modules that can enable seamless transfer of data between Production Module and Siemens NX, Mastercam, and CATIA systems. These interfaces were developed to streamline your Production Module project setups and allow users to quickly and efficiently optimize their toolpaths – this leads to vastly superior turnaround time and cycle time savings across the board.

Third Wave Systems’ Production Module can import toolpaths from almost any CAM package, but the XChange interfaces take this feature one step further by allowing direct data transfer from NX, Mastercam, or CATIA right into Production Module. This stops needles switching between the two software packages, reducing your overall setup time, saving you money, and adding functionality to your workflow.

Using this simplified bi-directional workflow, your improvements will be completely traceable and reproducible, while easier file management, quicker analysis, and easier post-processing will save you time, and increase your efficiency and profits.

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