GKN Aerospace shapes the future of flight. A global company, GKN serves the world’s aircraft and aero-engine manufacturers in three ways: civil aeroframe, defence aeroframe, and engine systems.

Overcoming the Challenges of Machining the Hardest Metals

For years, GKN faced the increasingly difficult challenges of machining the hardest metals like titanium and the rarest of alloys. These materials created significant problems for the design team including:

-Part burns due to cutting failures;
-Unexpected, significantly increased cycle times due to blanket feed overrides.

Partnering with Third Wave to Isolate the Root Cause

The GKN design team and the Third Wave support team worked closely together and identified sequences 16 – 18 on the tool sheet which called out the recurring problem with cutter breakage.

Excessive Axial Depth of Cut .800"

Optimization Using Production Module

Third Wave presented to GKN these before and after graphics showing the improvement in forces.

Run Reduced by Up To 25%

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