For over 50 years, Jonaco Machine has been providing innovative, quality machined components to a diverse, global customer base. Technologically-advanced equipment, optimized systems and a team dedicated to world-class performance ensures the right part is delivered on-time and one budget. Located in a southwest suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the 47,000-square foot manufacturing plant serves medical, aerospace, and high-tech industries.


The Jonaco engineering team oversees a process responsible for machining four parts at a time with a maximum of 18 parts machined per day. With a toolpath generated using SurfCAM, and heat-treated stainless steel workpieces having a starting geometry of 2 x 2 x 4, Jonaco leadership challenged the team to increase their output by at least 30%, with no drop in quality, and a reduction in cost.


After an analysis of their current process, the Jonaco team realized they relied too much on trial and error in the manufacturing design, did not have the technology to see a possibility before creating it, and were supporting an investment structure decades old. Integrating advanced, experimentally validated, FEA-driven material models into an easy-to-use system for analyzing and improving machining processes, inspired the Jonaco team to try machining simulation technology.


Using digital modeling and machining simulation, Jonaco reduced machining timesby 18% from 54 minutes down to 18 minutes—as well as improved tool life. Even better, Jonaco was able to save 3 hours of machining per day with 55 additional parts machined per month. ROI from the new technology is achieved in less than 6 months on average. Best of all, Jonaco will be optimizing 19 other stainless steel brackets.

1. Reduce machining time by 18%
2. Save 3 hours of machining per day
3. Machine 55 additional parts per month