GKN Aerospace shapes the future of flight. A global company, GKN serves the world’s aircraft structure manufacturers in three ways: civil aeroframe, defence aeroframe, and engine systems. 

Overcoming the Challenges of Machining Titanium

For years, GKN had faced the difficult challenges of machining the hardest metals like titanium and iconel. These materials created significant problems for the design team including:

-Long set-up times–with continuous restart due to trial-and-error approach;
-Continual restart from lack of automated optimization capture. 

Level 1 Analysis Focused on Six Titanium Components

The GKN design team and the Third Wave support team implemented the optimization import/export feature focusing on:
-Running conditions to find force values for optimization limits;
-Institutionalizing settings for future projects. 

A New Tool Library is Created

Optimization Using Production Module

The GKN team now had a repeatable, instantaneous project flow for titanium. 

Reduced Cycle Time by 15%

The titanium aerospace structure is now optimized by tangenital force and limited by load per unit length.