Testing & Validation Center

At the core of Third Wave Systems’ innovation is its Testing & Validation Center (TVC), a research and development lab that enables engineers to validate the software on a consistent basis and make confident decisions with the highest impact. The majority of TWS’ research experiments and engineering services are performed at the TVC, utilizing a five-axis machining center, measurement and inspection capabilities ranging from surface finish measurement to cutting force data collection and much more. Through our research, we ensure our services lead to your innovation and success. 


Mori Seiki NH6300 DCG five-axis horizontal machining center is the workhorse of the TVC. The R&D and Engineering teams have instrumented this machine in innovative ways to machine and monitor processes that are atypical for a milling machine. See below the specifications of the machine. 

  • 30 kW, 8000 RPM high-torque direct-drive CAT-50 spindle 
  • 1 m x 1 m x 1.3 m work envelope 
  • Fanuc series 16i controller 
  • 70 bar high-pressure coolant system 

Mori Seiki NH6300

Inspection and Tool Wear Assessment

Alicona InfinteFocus G5 variable focus measurement system is the latest addition to the TVC’s advanced metrology equipment. This high fidelity instrument furthers work in  tool wear modeling with high fidelity tool model scans and wear characterization capabilities. The measurement system is capable of Full 360° 5-axis scanning of tools and parts. Some of the detailed specifications are listed below:  

  • 10 nm vertical, 440 nm lateral resolution 
  • 1 μm minimum edge radius
  • Advanced rotation unit (rotate and tilt) 
  • Edge and tool wear software measurement packages 
  • 5 objectives (5x-100x) 
  • Ring light 

Alicona InfinteFocus G5 with 5 Flute Color Map

Cutting Force/Power and Vibration Measurement Systems

TVC has advanced force measurement systems in its repertoire including the Kistler 9255B table-mounted dynamometer and the Kistler 9256C mini dynamometer. TVC has the ability to characterize the dynamic response of the tool holder and machine tool combination with the MetalMax Modal Analysis System to understand the impact of chatter on various machining strategies. 

The Caron TMAC spindle power measurement system is also used to get a broad level understanding of machining analysis at TVC.

Kistler 9256C Dynamometer

Data Acquisition and Analysis

The National Instruments X Series USB 6343 32 channel data acquisition board with a 500 kHz sampling rate along with the MATLAB software with data acquisition and signal processing toolboxes serve as able assistants in conducting highly detailed analysis of new innovations to further the R&D objectives at TVC. 

Dimensional and Surface Finish Measurement

TVC is also equipped with Renishaw MP700 optical transmission probe for dimensional measurement and the Surface Finish measurement systems from Taylor-Hobson Surtonic 25 system. 

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