XChange NX

Third Wave XChange NX is the data transfer interface between the industry-leading NX CAM from Siemens and Third Wave Systems’ Production Module.  Together with Siemens NX, Third Wave XChange NX streamlines project setups and stores toolpath optimization data that can be used to quickly and efficiently optimize milling and turning toolpaths. This integration makes toolpath analysis part of the workflow and allows users to focus on the analysis. Any changes made to the toolpath are fully traceable and reproducible given the closed-loop integration between the two products.

XChange NX Features

  • Save time across the board with your engineering setups – routinely 80% or more reported 
  • Allows reproducibility and traceability to scale with your organization’s requirements 
  • Complies with the PLM workflow within your work environment 
  • Enjoy two-way compatibility between Siemens NX and Third Wave Systems’ Production Module 
  • Improve cycle time in turning applications by 20% and more than 30% for milling projects 
  • Improve your tool life and part quality with the premier toolpath analysis tool

Supports Siemens NX 

  • NX 1980 Series
  • NX 1953 Series
  • NX 1926 Series
  • NX 1899 Series
  • NX 1872 Series
  • NX 1847 Series
  • NX 12
  • NX 11
  • NX MP4 and higher
  • NX 9.0.3 MP12 and higher

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