XChange Mastercam

Third Wave XChange Mastercam is a data transfer interface between Mastercam and Third Wave Systems Production Module, an NC toolpath optimization software. Third Wave XChange Mastercam was developed to streamline Production Module project setups so users can quickly and efficiently optimize milling toolpaths to achieve significant cycle time savings. Production Module users can now easily setup and optimize their part programs within Mastercam.

XChange Mastercam Features

  • Save engineering setup time
  • Adhere to traceability and compliance requirements
  • Save optimized program(s) inside of Mastercam with bi-directional integration between PM and Mastercam
  • Users will achieve all of these benefits in addition to the benefits Production Module Continues to offer:
    • Improve cycle time by more than 25% for milling processes
    • Improve tool life and part quality

Supported Versions

  • Mastercam 2018 (X64) – Retired and not being actively maintained. Available for use as-is
  • Mastercam 2019 (X64)
  • Mastercam 2020 (X64)
  • Mastercam 2021 (X64)
  • Mastercam 2022 (X64)
  • Mastercam 2023 (X64)

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