Cutting Edge FEA

Our flagship product and the technology engine behind nearly everything we do,  AdvantEdge, is the premier CAE product for modeling material removal processes. The experimentally validated material modeling technology, coupled with advanced Explicit-Dynamic Finite Element Analysis (FEA), gives engineers access to more information than trial-and-error testing. This enables them to make better decisions.

Machining Modeling to Drive Innovation

Speed-up Time-to-Market

AdvantEdge, enables users to evaluate an increased number of designs/process settings, in a dramatically shorter time span, reducing the amount of needed testing. In tool design, this equates to getting new products to market in half the time, or less. In production, this means tool qualification and innovative new process implementations can take less than half the time of traditional approaches.

Chip Flow in Milling

Chip Formation Analysis for Experimental Validation

Improve Tool Performance

The number of variables that go into making the correct tool for the correct application can be truly overwhelming. Variables may include the tool substrate, the edge preparation, the chip breakers, the coatings, the speeds and feeds, the coolant and more. Understanding the impact of these variables on performance determinants like temperature, stress, pressure, heat flow and chip evacuation is critical to superior tool design and driving peak tool performance. While this information is important in making decisions, it is expensive, time consuming, and oftentimes impossible to get from cutting tests. Whether you are machining in a new material, determining the right speeds and feeds for the tool to be used or making changes to the geometry of a tool, AdvantEdge helps you find the solution. Our users routinely see improvements in material removal rates of 100% or more, while simultaneously improving tool life. 

Boldly Innovate

AdvantEdge helps users understand data that is extremely difficult, or even impossible to capture in machining tests. Force, power, torque and chip morphology can be captured in a machining laboratory, but it is a time consuming and expensive exercise. With the simulation analysis from AdvantEdge, users can not only capture these outputs, but also study data that is nearly impossible to measure, including stress, temperature, pressure and sliding velocity. 

AdvantEdge also provides data on the stress state of the workpiece, which is critical for doing subsequent analysis for its overall quality. Armed with this information, our users are able to boldly innovate whether they are uncovering new methods for high performance machining, coming up with a radical tool design or machining a new-age alloy.

Residual Stress Analysis for Surface Quality Prediction

Easy to Use

Set up your next project in minutes. Designed with machining experts and tool designers in mind, the user does not need any background in FEA to be successful with installing or using AdvantEdge. With intuitive pre-processing, AdvantEdge provides the parametric setup for over 20 different processes, and lets the users focus on designing the correct virtual experiments and interpreting applicable results. Meshing of the tool and the workpiece is done automatically. At the same time, advanced users have all the controls they will need. The users can create their own material models, adjust the meshing parameters, import their own tool and workpiece designs and much more. Similarly, AdvantEdge contains automated post processing and report generation to answer the most common questions, and is flexible enough to help engineers explore the uncommon, in order to innovate.

Chip Evacuation in Tapping

Process and Market Support

With the AdvanEdge support team, you work with leading Engineers who have expertise in machining and FEA analysis. Third Wave Systems’ Engineering Support team is an extension of your team. In addition to providing product support, our team works with you to enable you to innovate solutions to your most critical challenges. While your team has expert knowledge of your parts, processes, equipment and materials, we have the expertise to help guide you in applying our products to your industry specific problems and processes. Whether you need expertise in reducing cycle time, improving tool life and part quality, or accelerating design cycles, TWS engineers will be able to provide valuable insights on using scientific data for enabling Bold Innovation. Finally, we also work with your IT team so ensure smooth data flow to enable you to make TWS part of your standard work.

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