Quiet the Chatter.

Extend spindle life, reduce scrap rates and deliver better-looking parts using the powerful chatter avoidance of Production Module v9.0.

A true innovative breakthrough, the new chatter avoidance of Production Module v9.0 enables plant managers and production supervisors to dramatically increase throughput by more than 50%, decrease consumables cost, slash scrap rates and deliver on-time, on target.


With the easy input of a few measurements, PM v9.0 creates a proprietary chatter-avoidance map that:

  • Identifies an ideal RPM for spindle speed and depth of cut;
  • Eliminates costly, time-consuming trial and error methods;
  • Reduces program rework. 

The Path to Chatter-Avoidance Using Production Module v9.0


Ideal on projects with an L/D ratio over 3, PM v9.0 incorporates stability lobe diagrams in its analysis and identifies chatter prone and chatter-free areas across the entire toolpath—along with various axial and radial depths of cuts.  This optimizes the production path to an ideal/appropriate RPM (based on frequency), maximizing material removal rates.

PM v9.0 is machining innovation at its best:  the use of powerful simulation technology to enable any engineer to significantly extend part life, dramatically reduce scrap rates, and deliver remarkably better surface finishes.

Register for a Chatter-Avoidance Webinar

Register to attend a short webinar to understand the powerful capabilities of chatter avoidance in Production Module v9.0: Wednesday, January 25, 8:00 a.m CST.  or Thursday, February 9, 10:00 a.m CST. 

To learn more about chatter avoidance technology, contact us at [email protected]

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