PHYSICS-BASED INNOVATION: Kennametal R&D + AdvantEdge FEM = Better Products

Kennametal is a premier provider of tooling solutions, engineered components, and advanced materials. In an effort to stay ahead of the competition, Kennametal began working with Third Wave Systems’ AdvantEdge FEM in 2001 to deliver innovative products more frequently and affordably. Kennametal has used AdvantEdge FEM’s physics-based modeling technology to avoid countless trial-and-error testing iterations during prototype development. By the same token, Third Wave Systems developers worked with Kennametal to expand the software’s capabilities to better serve the interests of cutting tool manufacturers.

“By utilizing FEA, we estimate that tooling costs for a project can be reduced 30% and development can be reduced at least 15% compared to proceeding via conventional trial and error.” – TJ Long, Senior Engineering Manager


  • Build knowledge of best grades, coatings, geometries and manufacturing strategies for cutting tool processes


  • Run tool design variations through AdvantEdge FEM simulations to examine stresses, temperatures and forces


  • Established new methodology for analyzing tool designs
  • Determined correlation between failure mechanisms, stresses and temperatures

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