HM Dunn

JSF Production ramp up through Production Module optimization

Using Third Wave Production Module 3D, HM Dunn Aerospace exceeded their 20 percent targeted cycle time reduction goal. As an F-35 supplier, HM Dunn Aerospace manufactures components, assemblies and structures for fixed wing and rotary aircraft.

“Technology advances like these are just what we need to ensure success.” – Chris Ross, General Manager


Nex-Tech Aerospace, now H.M. Dunn, needed to reduce the machining time of a Titanium airframe bracket pocket component. The stock was a block forging that saw more than 95% of the initial stock volume removed to create the final part. This resulted in extremely long cycle times and the unpredictable tool life required constant monitoring by the operators. The component had tall, thin ribs and significant radii forming with kellering operations. 


Given the long cycle time, the entire toolpath needed to be analyzed to uncover opportunities. Production Module provided insights into where the toolpath represented aggressive machining conditions, indicating potential problems with tool life given the variance in the incoming forging stock. Production Module also identified areas with potential opportunities to reduce cycle time. The detailed analysis from Production Module ensured that the tight tolerance areas continued to be in spec despite the speed up of the overall process. The optimized part was run on the production floor to validate simulation results.

Representative Image (Courtesy: HM Dunn)


  • 25% reduction in cycle time
  • First machining trial yielded a correct part
  • Allowed one operator to monitor two machines since manual overrides were no longer needed

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