Liechti Engineering AG

Using NC Optimization Software to Enable New Product Introduction

Liechti Engineering AG is a market leader for programming and machining solutions for the manufacturing of flow profiles on turbine components. To deliver quality products that achieve maximum economic benefits, the machine tool provider staffs a demonstration facility where customers are introduced to technologies and machining strategies that can further improve their machining processes. Liechti engineers used Third Wave Systems® software product, Production Module™, to conduct an internal evaluation of the software to determine whether or not the software would benefit their customers.

“We are sure that Production Module is the right toolpath analysis and optimization product for our machines and our customers’ applications.” – Andreas Finger, Liechti Engineering AG


  • Improve best-in-class processes using Third Wave Systems technology
  • Target application – Stainless steel 24-bladed fan blisk machined from a 600 mm solid workpiece manufactured using Liechti machine tools
  • Create efficient toolpaths to provide a competitive advantage


  • Third Wave Systems engineers train Liechti Engineering staff on Production Module capabilities
  • TWS Engineering team works with Liechti to understand the quality and tooling constraints to recommend the correct optimization approach
  • Liechti engineers use Production Module to optimize radial force by load per unit length for roughing operations


  • Cycle time savings of 23%
  • Improved tool life with uniform roughing envelope
  • Using Production Module, tool cost reduced by 70%
  • Production Module  added to resources  showcased at the Liechti  Engineering demonstration facility
  • Liechti Engineering  machine tools  promoted by  Third Wave Systems

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