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Third Wave Systems is excited to continue this year with a look into our latest and greatest developments in machining modeling! The series will focus on how modeling will make a lasting impact on your machining processes. The web-based sessions will dive into detail on how to apply TWS technology using case studies and specific examples from the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Orthopedic Implants, and Cutting Tool industries. The webinars will give users and customers a chance to learn more about the capabilities and improvements in the latest releases of AdvantEdge and Production Module.


The webinars and workshops are geared towards helping users understand machining modeling. Our initiative aims to help your team with:

  • Avoid tool breakage problems
  • Use simulations effectively
  • Perform fewer tests


Educational Webinar Schedule:

The educational webinars will highlight practical applications from Third Wave Systems’ customers and partners. In order to register, please select the webinars of your choice.

1. Machining Modeling to Address Production Capacity Shortfall in Orthopedic Implants Manufacturing – August 12th – 10 AM CDT/5 PM CEST 

Machining process improvement for orthopedic implant manufacturing has become an increasing necessity due to growing demand worldwide. High incidence rates of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and obesity, along with the rapidly aging global population, have fueled this growth of the orthopedic implants market. Making long-term commitments by adding capital equipment to address the growing production needs can strain the manufacturers’ financials in times of uncertainty. Machining process analysis provides an innovative approach to improve throughput and reduce production costs. In this webinar, Third Wave Systems will present the predictive engineering methodologies used by orthopedic implant manufacturers to increase throughput on existing CNC machines. The webinar will highlight how machining analysis using Production Module enabled the engineers to reduce cycle time by 24% to improve throughput, increase tool life by 8X, translating to significant CIP savings and improved quality through better surface finish.

2. Neuheiten in Production Module v8.5 (German) – August 19th – 07 AM CDT/2 PM CEST 

The webinar will cover all of the new enhancements in Production Module v8.5 and more! There will be in-depth discussion around:

1. Support for NX’s Contact Contour/Tracking Data
2. Tool Deflection Optimization
3. Optimization Speedups
4. Bug fixes
5. XChange supported versions update

3. Reduce design iterations and process variations through Tool and Holder deflection analysis – August 25th – 10 AM CDT/5 PM CEST 

The ability to model a tool holder and the insert for analyzing deflection in turning and grooving processes, leads to reduction of design iterations and process variations. This analysis will help accelerate tool design cycles by providing a better understanding of stress in the tool body and incurred displacement for a significantly larger parameter space than possible in cutting tests. The webinar will highlight how the new feature can be used in process planning to ensure rigid tooling systems for improving part quality and reduce tool breakage.

4. Effiziente und anwendungsorientierte Gestaltung von Spanleitstufen bei Präzisionswerkzeugen – August 26th – 7 AM CDT/2 PM CEST 

Third Wave Systems ist stolz auf die langjährige Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Kunden GFE e.V. Schmalkalden, die Ihre fortschrittliche Forschungs- und Entwicklungskompetenzen durch den Einsatz von AdvantEdge vervollständigen. Wir gewähren den Teilnehmern des Webinars einen tiefen Einblick in konkrete Anwendungsfälle von AdvantEdge bei der GFE e.V. Schmalkalden und stehen Ihnen für Fragen zur Verfügung.
Die GFE e.V. Schmalkalden ist eine industrienahe Forschungseinrichtung, die Komplettlösungen rund ums Werkzeug anbietet. Praxisbezug und langjährige Erfahrung werden verbunden mit dem Wissen aus der Grundlagen- und angewandten Forschung. Gemeinsam mit ihren Auftraggebern entwickelt die GFE e.V. Schmalkalden Produkt- und Technologielösungen als wesentliche Faktoren des unternehmerischen Erfolgs. Anspruchsvoll, visionär und innovativ bei der Lösung von Entwicklungsaufgaben, gleichzeitig praxis- und bedarfsorientiert in der Umsetzung, ist die GFE e.V. Schmalkalden der richtige Partner – nicht nur für den Mittelstand!


Workshops on a wide variety of topics will cater to Third Wave Systems’ new and current users/customers. The series of workshops will focus on how modeling technology is being used to make a lasting impact on your machining processes. The schedule for the workshop series is as follows: 

AdvantEdge Workshop

1.  AdvantEdge Workshop – Cutting Tool Design – August 4th – 10 AM CDT/5 PM CEST

Finite Element Analysis of your machining process can help you achieve significant savings by reducing tool design iterations and speed up time to market. The workshop will focus on Third Wave Systems’ machining-specialized Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modeling software, AdvantEdge, to highlight how the temperature, stress, chip flow, forces, and chip morphology prediction can provide the understanding needed to make informed decisions about tool design and guide experimental testing for better tool performance. The workshop will also review techniques to create high fidelity cutting tool solid models for running the AdvantEdge analysis. Attendees will gain an understanding of the underlying technology that enables modeling of non-linear behavior of metals due to deformation in a machining process.

Production Module Workshop

  1. Achieving on-time delivery while reducing production costs in Aerospace Engine applications – August 24th – 08 AM CDT/3 PM CEST
    Aerospace engine component manufacturers face continuous pressure for on-time deliveries and cost reductions as engine programs mature. Suppliers are constantly required to improve new and existing processes to cut production costs and deliver quality parts on-time. Third Wave Systems works with the aerospace engine OEMs and their suppliers to uncover cost savings and improve production capacity to meet their delivery commitment for engine components like spools, blisks, seals and various other parts. This upcoming workshop will help attendees to better understand the intricacies of analyzing and optimizing toolpaths and material behavior of heat-resistant super alloys to improve part quality, tool life, surface finish, and cycle time. The workshop will focus on applications from production floor implementations around the globe that have made toolpath analysis and optimization a crucial component of their workflow.

We will be continuously updating the list of events in the series. If you are interested in this type of workshop/webinar or there are any specific topics you are interested in recommending, please contact us at marketing@thirdwavesys.com.

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