Webinars and Workshops - Q2 2021

Third Wave Systems is excited to continue this year with a look into our latest and greatest developments in machining modeling! The series in April will focus on how modeling will make a lasting impact on your machining processes. The web-based sessions will dive into detail on how to apply TWS technology using case studies and specific examples from the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Orthopedic Implants, and Cutting Tool industries. The webinars will give users and customers a chance to learn more about the capabilities and improvements in the latest releases of AdvantEdge and Production Module.


The webinars and workshops are geared towards helping users understand machining modeling. Our initiative aims to help your team with:

  • Avoid tool breakage problems
  • Use simulations effectively
  • Perform fewer tests


Educational Webinar Schedule – April 2021:

The educational webinars will highlight practical applications from Third Wave Systems’ customers and partners. In order to register, please select the webinars of your choice.

1. Scientific Approach for Tool Selection in High-Efficiency Machining toolpaths – April 7th – 10 AM CDT/5 PM CEST   

When it comes to tool selection for machining processes, production planners are spoiled. However, selecting the right tool for a specific application from a wide range of options is a challenging task and traditionally relies on tests and past experience. This webinar will present a methodology for virtually testing different tools for aerospace and similar applications. The approach helps users compare different tools based on chip flow, thermal and mechanical characteristics to select the best tool along with the right machining conditions.

2. Driving machining beyond (known) limitations with Makino Machine Tools – April 13th – 10 AM CDT/5 PM CEST 

When you are pushing the limits of machining, you need very well-balanced machines. All the components of the machine need to be able to withstand the forces, stress and bending moment that are experienced when you are machining Titanium with material removal rates in excess of 20 cubic inches a minute or machining Inconel where sparks are flying off the cutting edge. When designing such systems, it is important to understand the physics of machining including the cutting forces, the bending moment, and stresses on the tool. As Makino develops new machines or delivers turnkey solutions, it applies the understanding of the physics of machining to ensure that its machine tools deliver the best performance possible. In this webinar, we will cover how the physics-based analysis is done, the benefits our customers have seen in terms of material removal rates achievable, while extending tool and spindle life.


Workshops on a wide variety of topics will cater to Third Wave Systems’ new and current users/customers. The series of workshops will focus on how modeling technology is being used to make a lasting impact on your machining processes. The schedule for the workshop series is as follows: 

Production Module Workshop – April 2021

1. Achieving on-time delivery while reducing production costs in Aerospace Engine applications –  April 27th – 8 AM CDT/3 PM CEST    

Aerospace engine component manufacturers face continuous pressure for on-time deliveries and cost reductions as engine programs mature. Suppliers are constantly required to improve new and existing processes to cut production costs and deliver quality parts on-time. Third Wave Systems works with the aerospace engine OEMs and their suppliers to uncover cost savings and improve production capacity to meet their delivery commitment for engine components like spools, blisks, seals, and various other parts. This upcoming workshop will help attendees to better understand the intricacies of analyzing and optimizing toolpaths and material behavior of heat-resistant super alloys to improve part quality, tool life, surface finish, and cycle time. The workshop will focus on applications from production floor implementations around the globe that have made toolpath analysis and optimization a crucial component of their workflow.

AdvantEdge Workshop – April 2021

1. AdvantEdge Workshop on Process Design – April 21st – 8 AM CDT/3 PM CEST    

Finite Element Analysis of your machining process can help you achieve significant savings by reducing tool selection and tool design guess work for evaluating new cutting tools and reducing machinability testing time on the shop floor for new alloys. This introductory workshop will focus on Third Wave Systems’ machining-specialized Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modeling software, AdvantEdge, to highlight how the temperature, stress, chip flow, forces, and chip morphology prediction can provide the understanding needed to make informed decisions about tool and cutting condition selection. Attendees will understand the underlying technology that enables modeling of non-linear behavior of metals due to deformation in a machining process.

We will be continuously updating the list of events in the series. If you are interested in this type of workshop/webinar or there are any specific topics you are interested in recommending, please contact us at [email protected].

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