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Third Wave Systems is excited to continue this year with a look into our latest and greatest developments in machining modeling! The series in May will focus on how modeling will make a lasting impact on your machining processes. The web-based sessions will dive into detail on how to apply TWS technology using case studies and specific examples from the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Orthopedic Implants, and Cutting Tool industries. The webinars will give users and customers a chance to learn more about the capabilities and improvements in the latest releases of AdvantEdge and Production Module.


The webinars and workshops are geared towards helping users understand machining modeling. Our initiative aims to help your team with:

  • Avoid tool breakage problems
  • Use simulations effectively
  • Perform fewer tests


Educational Webinar Schedule – June 2021:

The educational webinars will highlight practical applications from Third Wave Systems’ customers and partners. In order to register, please select the webinars of your choice.

1. Leading your production floor to increased profitability with the next-generation Titanium Machining Strategies – June 17th – 10 AM CDT/5 PM CEST

When was the last time you employed a holistic approach to one of the core machining processes on your production floor? Rather than a traditional, piece-meal approach to the problem, we can show you an entirely new way to reassess the entire process – using the latest cutting tool designs, tool path strategies, and tool path analyses in concert to maximize your productivity and tool life. Choosing the right cutting tools is a key first step to an efficient machining process. The right tools – together with state-of-the-art tool path strategies and an in-depth, scientific approach to tool path analysis – will allow you to take a quantum leap in your machining processes to better productivity, cutting tool economy, and profitability.
Please join us for the webinar and let us show you how to be more profitable and competitive in today’s manufacturing world!

2. Simulationsgestützte Entwicklung und Dimensionierung von Spanleitgeometrien an Profilwerkzeugen – June 24th – 10 AM CEST

Steigende geometrische Komplexitätsgrade an Bauteilen benötigen angepasste Bearbeitungsstrategien, um Produktivitätsziele erreichen zu können. Bei der Drehbearbeitung bieten Profilwerkzeuge häufig eine wirtschaftliche Lösung für viele Aufgabenstellungen, da unterschiedliche Arbeitsgänge in einem Werkzeug integriert werden können. Für die Entwicklung der geometrisch anspruchsvollen Werkzeugdesigns bieten sich simulative Ansätze an, die bereits früh im Entwicklungsprozess den Spanfluss und daraus resultierende Belastungen vorhersagen können. Im Rahmen des Webinars wird ein experimentell-simulativ gekoppeltes Entwicklungsprojekt vorgestellt, das am Institut für Werkzeug und Fertigungstechnik (iWFT) in Köln durchgeführt worden ist. Zielstellung darin war insbesondere die Entwicklung von Spanleitgeometrien an Profilwerkzeugen.


Workshops on a wide variety of topics will cater to Third Wave Systems’ new and current users/customers. The series of workshops will focus on how modeling technology is being used to make a lasting impact on your machining processes. The schedule for the workshop series is as follows: 

AdvantEdge Workshop – June 2021

1. AdvantEdge Workshop on User Defined Kinematics – June 2nd – 10 AM CDT/5 PM CEST

With the global shift in manufacturing, now is the time to use simulations effectively for reduced testing. Complex machining processes like power skiving, spin tool turning, bar peeling, etc. present a challenge when machinists try to understand and improve these processes. It is very difficult to measure forces experimentally in such processes and access to testing facilities is limited in today’s environment. In cases like bar peeling it is difficult to have a visual of the material removal given the safety enclosures required to protect the operators. AdvantEdge simulation models chip removal, heat flow, and forces for such processes and can provide extremely valuable information to analyze, improve and innovate. The workshop will present the user-defined kinematics feature and demonstrate the ability to model and analyze the power skiving process in AdvantEdge.

Production Module Workshop – June 2021

1. Production Module – Milling Application Workshop –  June 29th – 10 AM CDT/5 PM CEST

Trial and error evaluation of tools and toolpaths can result in significant loss of machine time on the shop floor and, typically, leads to less than optimal outputs for the overall costs. This workshop will deep dive into use cases focused where Production Module will demonstrate methodologies to solve machining problems for the automotive industry. Attendees will gain insight about engineering analysis capabilities that the software provides for identifying and correcting problems related to part quality, spindle overload, tool life among other applications.

We will be continuously updating the list of events in the series. If you are interested in this type of workshop/webinar or there are any specific topics you are interested in recommending, please contact us at [email protected].

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