Production Module v8.7 Release

Minneapolis, Minn – Third Wave Systems’ newest version of Production Module is now available. Achieve tool wear insights previously only hoped-for and transform your machining–and your business itself–with Production Module v8.7!

Experience the Unsurpassed Tool Life Predictiveness of Production Module v8.7

Receive the Most Accurate Cutting Time Calculations
Inform your tool change times with the accurate cutting-time from Production Module. Avoid multiple machine stoppages and unplanned downtime in turning processes using the cutting-time data.

Cutting Time

Realize Predictive Tool Savings from Sliding Distance
Use insights from sliding distance analysis to quickly compare different tool path strategies, precisely get a better understanding of tool wear trends, and ultimately identify tool savings to drive greater profitability.

Sliding Distance Analysis

Production Module v8.7 is the new gold standard in predictive machining modeling giving engineers the insights needed to maximize tool life, reduce design time, and be first to market.

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