Production Module v8.6 Release

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Nov. 18, 2021 | 08:00 am CDT | Register Here

Dec. 02, 2021 | 01:00 pm CDT | Register Here

Minneapolis, Minn – Third Wave Systems’ newest version of Production Module is now available. This version includes several exciting new features with a focus on performance improvements.

Experience 10x Rendering and 2.5x Animation Speedups With New Production Module v8.6

A 10X improvement in maneuvering and rendering solid models at high resolutions will enable you to get the analysis completed faster. In addition, the material removal animations run 2.5X faster, ensuring that you can arrive at the instantaneous in-process workpiece sooner. 

Detailed Accelerated Rendering at High Resolution

The speed-ups are powered through the advanced graphics engine developed by Third Wave Systems to make the solid models appear more life-like in addition to the observed rendering and animation speed-ups. Whether to understand the change in the engagement at every rotation or the impact of toolpath variations, the rendering and animation speed-ups provide access to this detailed level of information quicker than ever before.

In addition, the latest NX release, NX1996, is now supported.

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