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Third Wave Systems is excited to start this year with a look into our latest and greatest developments in machining modeling! The series will focus on how modeling will make a lasting impact on your machining processes. The web-based sessions will dive into detail on how to apply TWS technology using case studies and specific examples from the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Orthopedic Implants, and Cutting Tool industries. This will give users and customers a chance to learn more about the capabilities and improvements in the latest releases of AdvantEdge and Production Module.

These short 1-hour innovation sessions are geared towards helping users understand machining modeling. Our initiative aims to help your team to:

  • Avoid tool breakage problems;
  • Use simulations effectively;
  • Perform fewer tests.


The workshops will highlight practical applications from Third Wave Systems’ customers and partners.  The events will focus on how modeling technology is being used to make a lasting impact on your machining processes. In order to register, please select the sessions of your choice.

1. Reduce Design Iterations Using Deflection Analysis – January 13th – 8 AM CST/3 PM CEST 

Accelerate your speed to market with advanced tool and holder deflection analysis in turning and grooving. Our machining leaders will demonstrate how deflection analysis can help you:

  • Achieve a better understanding of stress in the tool body and incurred displacement for a significantly larger parameter space than possible in cutting tests;
  • Ensure rigid tooling systems to improve part quality and reduce tool breakage;

By the end of this insightful, data-rich workshop, you will have a better understanding of how to model a tool and holder for analyzing deflection in turning and grooving–and ultimately reduce your design iterations, process variations, and overall go-to-market cycle time.

2. Leveraging Machining Modeling Technology to Drive Innovation and Maintain Market Leadership – January 25th – 01 PM CST

Fast to market is good but first to market is great. And while optimizing process improves speed, only the best innovation will ensure you lead. This highly engaging workshop explores turning applications across multiple industries to demonstrate how innovation in machining modeling can help you to:

  • Achieve tool life improvement resulting in cost-saving;
  • Remove inefficiencies in existing operations to free up capacity;
  • Eliminate bottlenecks for better inventory returns.

By the end of this short but data-rich workshop, you will have a better appreciation for how industry leaders utilize innovation to reduce cycle time but more importantly maintain market leadership.

3. Shorten the Process Development Cycle and Go to Market Faster with Custom Material Modeling Technology– February 10th – 01 PM CST

Simplifying the job of creating material models is where technology excels in machining modeling. With over 150 materials in its database, AdvantEdge innovation is rich with insights explaining specific material behavior. This powerful webinar details how AdvantEdge spurs innovation to:

  • Modeling your own material models including custom friction models;
  • Determine optimum cutting parameters for new materials;
  • Quickly perform detailed analysis to ascertain ideal tooling selection.

By the end of this short but valuable workshop, you will have a better understanding for how to use the technology driving custom material models to shorten the design cycle time.

4. Improve Part Quality, Reduce Design Cycle Time and Transform Your Business through Thin Wall Machining Analysis – February 22nd – 8 AM CST/3 PM CEST

Understanding the complex interactions between micro-geometry of the tool and the chosen toolpath is made easier and faster using innovative thin wall machining analysis to quickly identify process improvements. In this hands-on, data-rich workshop you’ll learn how thin wall analysis can help you:

  • Reduce design cycle time by identifying inefficiencies;
  • Transform your business going from fast to market to first to market.

Join us for this unique workshop led by machining leaders demonstrating how embracing technology to drive innovation can help you become a best-in-class machining organization.

5. Fewer Tests, More Insights, First-Time-Right Using Complex Machining Modeling with User-Defined Kinematics – March 10th – 8 AM CST/3 PM CDT

Go to market faster–and smarter–by understanding the impact from complex machining processes like power-skiving, spin tool turning, and bar peeling using advanced machining modeling simulations. In this fast-paced, insight-rich workshop, you’ll use the user-defined kinematics feature to model power-skiving so you can:

  • Analyze and define the fastest path to the best process design;
  • Improve the product design process by reducing continuous test iterations;
  • Innovate to transform your business and accelerate the speed to market.

By the end of this short but powerful session, you’ll understand how machining modeling can uncover tremendous insights into the impact of engagement angle, tool form, tool diameter and chip evacuation strategies–and ultimately drive the growth of your business.

6. Explore Highly Innovative Machining Advances for Automotive, Aerospace, and Medical Device Industries – March 22nd – 01 PM CST

Learn to apply advanced machining analysis to effectively evaluate the best tools and toolpaths in aerospace, automotive and medical device production design. This hands-on machining workshop will show you how to reduce reliance on traditional trial and error processes and use innovative machining analysis to achieve:

  • Dramatic increase in machine time availability on the production floor;
  • Less trial and error in process design to accelerate New Product Introduction;

By the end of this one-hour session on production innovation, you’ll understand how machining modeling can uncover tremendous insights to correct problems in part quality, spindle overload, tool life, and much more.

We will be continuously updating the list of events in the series. If you are interested in this type of web session or there are any specific topics you are interested in recommending, please contact us at [email protected].

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