Production Module 8.2 Release

Minneapolis, Minn (11.06.2019) – Third Wave Systems released the newest version of Production Module in November. While the latest v8.2 will provide several additional features to Production Module users, the major highlights of the release are: 


1. Entry-exit feed rates for PM2D

Entry-exit feed rate allows users to control the feed rate every time the tool enters (engages) or exits (moves out of cut) the workpiece within a sequence, including the cut distance into/from the workpiece surface. User will need to set the value in the optimized toolpath GUI in the additional feed rate options tab. The resultant optimization will abide by optimize by and limit by constraints at a sequence or subsequence level.

The optimized entry or exit feed will be equal to or below the entry/exit feed. This should help in stabilizing the insert as it enters the cut and reduce burr formation on exits. In addition, it will help account for unknown surface location when optimizing the toolpath.


2. Remove Detached Stock for PM3D

Remove Detached Stock check prevents occurrence of erroneous force calculation from portion of the stock that would have fallen away during machining. Users will have the option to have this check activated or deactivated. This functionality checks the presence of detached stock after every sequence when turned on. It automatically deletes the smallest stock. Automatically deleting the stock makes it easier as the calculation does not have to be interrupted for the user to select the stock to drop.

3. Tool Deflection (beta) for PM3D:

Production Module now has the ability to provide tool deflection calculation based on linear elastic beam theory.

Tool deflection output from Production Module can help in identifying sections of toolpath that may result in dimensional inaccuracies, surface finish issues on the workpiece, tool wear/breakage and vibration problems.


4. French Language Interface Added

Additional Update:

XChange NX support for NX 1847 has been added

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about the new v8.2 features, email us at [email protected].

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