Production Module 7.3 Released from Third Wave Systems

Third Wave Systems is excited to announce Production Module 7.3 is now available and packed with new features and ease-of-use enhancements. [New 7.3 Features Download]

Multiple Constraint Optimization: Ability to apply multiple constraints for optimization, which will help achieve results faster. For PM2D turning optimizations, currently users may need to optimize twice to eliminate tangential force and load-per-unit length spikes. Multi-constraint optimization also allows the user the ability to apply both constraints within one optimization run.

Reviewing multiple sequences: The ability to select multiple sequences gives users a quicker way to review and analyze data to make decisions about what optimization parameters should be used. 

Suggested optimization values: Selecting optimization values can be challenging, especially for new users, so TWS has developed a feature to provide users a starting point for optimization variables with the click of a button.This function analyzes the
force, pressure and feed profiles for each sequence in the project to provide a suggestion for these variables. The suggested values are tailored to provide a good starting point so users gain more experience and can apply their own knowledge of their specific machining environment to achieve further savings.

Subsequence Improvements: We have made improvements to the Toolpath Optimization window so users can now add, modify and delete subsequences interactively through the Graph Area and the Navigator.

Machine File (upgrade): Many of our Production Module users deal with a variety of toolpath formats from different controllers, machine configurations and machine tool OEMs. To simplify the process of interpreting and optimizing complex G-codes, TWS will be providing an upgrade to our Machine File capability that supports custom cycles, macros, loops and logic operators. The first release will support G-codes from Siemens, Heidenhain and Fanuc. For more information about acquiring the required machine files for your needs, contact Nishant Saini, Product Manager, [email protected].

Windows 10 support: Production Module 7.3 will provide support for Windows 10 (current branch only).

To learn more about Third Wave Systems products and services or to setup a live web demonstration of Production Module, contact us at [email protected], or +1-952-832-5515.

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