Production Module 7.2 Released from Third Wave Systems

Production Module 7.2 now available from Third Wave Systems!

The release has focused on improving performance and robustness of Production Module with improvements in the following aspects:

  • Improved user experience with one key highlight being intuitive workpiece rotation
  • Optimization algorithm refinement to handle exception scenarios and part revolution
  • Enhanced toolpath interpretation including comprehensive implementation of the G10 G-code and correct handling of redundant registers
  • Improved memory utilization to offset the required increase in an earlier version to address air-cut clearance
  • XChange Mastercam, interface to Mastercam, handles the import of split arcs back into Mastercam correctly, thus, improving the effectiveness of the optimization algorithm
  • Release of Third Wave XChange NXTM for Milling is now available. Third Wave XChange NXTMprovides complete bi-directional integration with NXTM CAM for reducing project setup time by up to 75%. Customers with active maintenance for this module will receive a separate email with the link and installation instructions. The release is compatible with NXTM 9.0.3 MP12 and NXTM 10.0.3 MP4

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