Production Module v7.4 Release

Minneapolis, Minn (9.29.17) – Third Wave Systems released the newest version of Production Module in September that will provide several advanced optimization enhancements to Production Module users including: 

  • Minimum feed rate constraints in PM2D and PM3D: Define minimum feed rate constraint in addition to the maximum feedrate constraint. This functionality is helpful for turning operations where low feed rates may result in rubbing of the cutting edge resulting in poor tool life or in chip control issues
  • Suggested Optimization Values in PM2D: The popular feature that has helped our users in PM3D to identify a good starting point for optimization values are now adapted for PM2D
  • Subsequence management in PM2D: Updates made previously for subsequence handling in PM3D are now available in PM2D. These changes include ability to add, delete and modify subsequences via the charts and the navigator
  • Multi-material Turning: Users of XChange NX will now be able to define axially stacked multiple workpiece materials modeled as a single workpiece stock model. This will help optimizing the toolpath according to the material properties for the corresponding sections of the workpiece.

In addition to the features listed above, Production Module v7.4 will include more enhancements, fixes and will support Mastercam 2017 and NX 11.0.2.

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