Production Module v8.1 Release

Minneapolis, Minn (1.25.2019) – Third Wave Systems released the newest version of Production Module in January that will provide several additional features to Production Module users including: 

  • Revamped User Interface in PM3D: Focused on improved usability along with an improved look and feel by reducing the number of clicks to access a menu with built-in redundancy, a logical, standardized ribbon layout for easier menu access and larger icons for improved view ability.
    • Dockable windows: Each UI element behaves as an independent, dockable window. This gives users the ability to customize the layout configuration, enlarge a Chart or the Toolpath View for a more detailed analysis, and effectively use more than one monitor.
  • Minimum feed change and feed rounding in PM3D and PM2D: The minimum feed change option allows the user to reduce the number of feed changes introduced in the optimized program by providing control on when the next optimized feed rate is introduced. The feed rounding option rounds the newly introduced optimized feed rate down to the defined value.
  • Chip Load Defined Minimum In-Cut Feed Rate in PM3D: Specifying a minimum In-Cut Feed in terms of chip load makes for a more effective way to prevent rubbing of the tool in case the optimized feed rates fall below the constraint.
  • Direct STL export from PM2D: The STL file is created by rotating the 2D profile of the finished workpiece wherein all the material removal process has been completed. This model can be used for further analysis, for example, in Production Module 3D for analyzing milling operations on a turned component.
  • Split arc optimization in PM2D: Users will now have the option to select ‘Split Lines and Arcs’ in addition to ‘Split Lines Only’ in the Optimize Toolpath window. This functionality is very similar to what the users have been using in PM3D and will provide additional cycle time savings on top of the current split line optimization capability in PM2D.
  • Support for splines and ellipses in DXF files in PM2D: Splines and ellipses in DXF files used for importing workpiece and tool geometry definitions are now supported.

Production Module v8.1 supports Mastercam 2019 and NX 12.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about the new v8.1 features, email us at [email protected].

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