Gear Machining v1.0 Released from TWS

Third Wave Systems Releases Gear Machining Simulation Software

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. – Third Wave Systems is proud to announce the initial release of AdvantEdge Gear Machining v1.0.  After years of development, this first version is focused on the cylindrical hobbing process enabling users to study this metal cutting process in a virtual environment. This software will help users to: 1) Reduce manufacturing costs through improvements in tool life and process parameter optimization, 2) Improve gear quality by predicting chip formation problems and the effect of process changes on the machining induced heat and stress and 3) Increase development ROI by reducing iteration time and trial-and-error testing.

AdvantEdge Gear Machining v1.0 is based on the previously released AdvantEdge v7.3 to ensure accurate, validated results including chip formation prediction, heat generation and stresses in both the tool and gear. Improvements to the software include an updated user interface and implementation of the process kinematics for generating the initial mesh. The software includes standard materials like Pyrowear X53, AISI 9310, 4140 and 1020 for the gear and several grades of carbide and HSS for the tool. Simulation size is large compared to other processes like turning or milling.

Hobbing Photos


Several enhancements have been added to allow for a more efficient simulation setup. In initial meshing, the user is able to design, generate and truncate the in-cut cylindrical gear geometry, which enables simulation at exactly the location of interest and only the section of gear which is important. Due to the custom nature of hobbing tools, the tool is required to be imported as a solid model and can be an indexable or solid tool.

During development of this capability, Third Wave Systems formed an industry group of gear machining experts to ensure that AdvantEdge Gear Machining v1.0 was focused on commercial application and industry needs. In addition to industry input, these capabilities were developed with the guidance and SBIR project funding from NAVAIR.

“We have been receiving requests from industry for many years to simulate gear machining with AdvantEdge and can’t wait for our customers to begin using it to increase tool life, decrease cycle time and get their innovations into production faster,” Kerry Marusich, Third Wave Systems President, said.

Due to the large problem size for cylindrical hobbing, AdvantEdge Gear Machining will only be available to users with at least 16-cores. If you do not meet this requirement or are not a current customer, please contact our sales department, [email protected] for a demonstration and software evaluation.

Minneapolis, Minn – Third Wave Systems’ newest version of AdvantEdge is available now. While the latest v7.6 will provide several additional features to AdvantEdge users, the major highlights of the release are:

1. User-Defined Kinematics to Model Complex Non-Standard Processes

User-Defined Kinematics allows users to model complex and novel processes like spin tool turning, power skiving, thread whirling, bar peeling, and many, many more. Given the complex kinematics of processes, like power skiving, it is nearly impossible to experimentally measure even the forces experienced by the tool and the workpiece. The ability to model such processes using AdvantEdge becomes more critical to uncover new designs and process parameters.

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