Gear Machining Phase 2.5

Third Wave Systems completes Gear Machining Phase 2.5 SBIR project with the U.S. Navy

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. (February 2017) – Third Wave Systems has successfully completed its efforts on the Phase 2.5 SBIR project, “Gear Hobbing Predictive Model,” to develop, demonstrate and transition its modeling of gear machining processes for the Navy to predict and improve residual stresses and distortions while reducing the overall cycle times and costs for transmission gears.

Currently, poor process performance results in the destruction of hobs that can cost upwards of $10,000 and understanding the reason for the destruction can be difficult to determine. Using its finite element modeling product, AdvantEdge, Third Wave Systems engineers worked to model gear machining to understand and analyze the reasons for destruction and reduce manufacturing costs related to cycle time and tool life. Additionally, these process changes were examined to understand their effect on the machined gear surface including prediction and reduction of machining induced heat, a major source of tensile surface stresses.


AdvantEdge Gear Machining Simulation for Cylindrical Hobbing, available in Gear Machining v1.0 from Third Wave Systems.
AdvantEdge Gear Machining Simulation for Cylindrical Hobbing, available in Gear Machining v1.0 from Third Wave Systems.

Working with an aerospace engine manufacturer, gear supplier and leading cutting tool companies, these physics-based gear cutting models were applied to NAVAIR representative processes. In order to ensure commercialization of the research completed for the project, Third Wave Systems created a gear machining industry group that brings together leading companies from all sectors of the gear industry that makes sure Third Wave Systems is addressing all machining concerns.

“We have made a lot of great progress on the Phase 2.5 project and the industry focus group has been a great resource for us to ensure this development solves more than just a single problem and is valuable to American industry,” Kerry Marusich, Third Wave Systems President, said. “With the February 2017 release of AdvantEdge Gear Machining v1.0 and version 1.1 already under development, it demonstrates Third Wave Systems’ commitment to commercialization of the research done under this program.”

The research and understanding gained from this project enabled the release of AdvantEdge Gear Machining v1.0. This commercially available software will give gear designers and manufacturers the ability to predict, manage and improve workpiece quality while reducing the cost of tooling and cycle time during machining. Hob tool manufacturers will be able to design and product more effective tooling that last longer and cuts better because they can analyze forces, stresses and temperatures using AdvantEdge.

a) This material is based upon work supported by NAVAIR under Contract No. N68335-12-C-0091
b) Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of NAVAIR.

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