EMO 2017 - Recap

Third Wave Systems showcases continuous innovation at EMO
Latest modeling technology showcased for the international audience

Hannover, Germany. (23 September, 2017) – During the third week of September some of the very best in all sectors of the manufacturing industry walk the halls of the EMO trade fair in Hannover, Germany to see the latest innovations and technology. Third Wave Systems was among the 2,200 international exhibitors at the trade fair, displaying the newest cutting edge modeling technology for attendees.

The Third Wave Systems booth was packed with visitors from all around the world who were interested in learning more about how AdvantEdge and Production Module software products developed by Third Wave Systems could improve their machining processes.

Foreign industry professionals were particularly keen on attending to EMO Hannover to get a grip on the future of manufacturing. More than half of the show’s approximately 130,000 attendees came from abroad, with 70 percent of these foreign visitors originating from European countries. “Foreign visitors were keenly interested in seeing how the market leaders are leveraging digitization to benefit the various process chains. They were also eager to see how new business models are growing up out of all the harvested data,” explained Carl Martin Welcker, General Commissioner for EMO Hannover 2017.

The technology Third Wave Systems shared with EMO attendees does as Mr. Welcker explains – leverages benefits for process chains. The finite element and NC optimization machining solutions Third Wave Systems offers, gives users the ability to work in a digital space as to not disrupt current production. Virtual process optimization can reduce end users engineering effort, increase productivity, minimize production time and eliminate capital investments.

“As the industry changes, our engineering teams work to stay one step ahead of the game by developing innovative features and capabilities that allow our users to get processes set up quickly.  Our Production Module interfaces for NX, Mastercam or CATIA, and new suggested optimization values feature removes barriers for new users and reduces engineering time for toolpath optimization,” Kerry Marusich, Third Wave Systems President, said. “On the finite element side, we continue to make AdvantEdge easier to use through automation of time consuming report writing and expanding into new markets including sawing, broaching and gear machining.”

After EMO Third Wave Systems held an introductory workshop on AdvantEdge and Production Module that gave an overview and demonstrations of both products. If you wish to attend the next scheduled workshop for an introduction to the software, please visit our website for more information and to register: www.thirdwavesys.com/events.

Third Wave Systems created this gear display part at the TWS Headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota and brought it to EMO. The whole part was setup, optimized and machined at TWS. The parts rotated and lights illuminated the TWS logo.
Third Wave Systems shared a booth with its German reseller ISBE GmbH.

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