AdvantEdge v7.4 Release

AdvantEdge v7.4 is now available from Third Wave Systems! The release includes time history data averaging, report improvements, milling Boolean robustness enhancements, job monitor improvements and bug fixes.

With users running larger and larger design of experiment simulation sets, data extraction has become more important. The time history data averaging feature enables users to quickly and reliably collect data from a large number of simulations for all time history results (temperature, forces, power, torque, etc.).  The data is then displayed in Tecplot and can be exported as a .csv file for further post-processing.

The success of the results analysis wizard and automated report has resulted in requests for including non-simulation data.  In response, TWS has developed enhancements for adding custom sections to include experimental or 3rd party analysis results, the functionality to import images, and the ability to sort / rename captured images.

Additional improvements to the software focused on milling Boolean robustness, the job monitor and minor bug fixes.  Milling Boolean robustness for small feed cases with large axial depth of cut and / or large radial depth of cut was significantly improved and resulted in better workpiece accuracy for all milling processes.  The job monitor now allows a user to append or rebuild the job list when moving to a new computer or the job list is unexpectedly deleted and needs to be recreated.

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