European Users Conference 2018 - Recap

Modeling technology experts present their latest innovations in Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany (8 March, 2018) – More than 25 attendees from 10 countries gathered in Cologne, Germany 26-28, February for the second Third Wave Systems European Users Conference where the latest innovations in modeling technology were shared, concepts were discussed and attendees walked away with new knowledge and information to implement into their machining and machining analysis processes.

In addition to presentations from some of the best AdvantEdge and Production Module users, Third Wave Systems engineers delivered product updates and in-depth technical presentations on the latest tips, tricks and AdvantEdge and Production Module features.

The conference opened with a welcome reception at iWFT – Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln, who is an academic partner to Third Wave Systems. During the reception, researchers from iWFT gave a tour of the laboratory that featured state-of-the art testing and machining equipment and a snapshot of what research the students are currently working on, which included PHD thesis work of material modeling capabilities, coolant application to the grinding process and additive carbide tooling.

On Tuesday evening conference attendees enjoyed some dinner and traditional kölsch at Gilden im Zims in the city center of Cologne.

Third Wave Systems would like to thank all attendees and partners, iWFT and ISBE GmbH, for a successful 2018 European Users Conference. Plans are being finalized for the next conference in 2019.

2018 European Users Conference Presenters:

  • Mr. André Leite and Mr. Vasco Almeida, FMT Tooling – Portugal
    “Chip-breaker evaluation and chip-flow and cast iron materials performance studies”
  • Dr.-Ing. Claus Itterheim, ISBE GmbH – Germany
    “3D Re-Engineering and Virtual Design of Cutting Tools”
  • Professor Dr.-Ing Martin Reuber, iWFT Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln – Germany
    “Strategy for Applied Research on Cutting Operations: Experiment, Analysis, Simulation”
  • Mr. Benedikt Thimm, iWFT Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln – Germany
    “Experimental strategies to retrieve data for FEA material models in metal cutting”
  • Dr. Raphael Royer, Sandvik Coromant – France
    “Going beyond AdvantEdge, integration within the simulation workflow for solid carbide tools, status and perspectives”
  • Dr. Tom Childs, Professor Emeritus of Manufacturing Engineering, University of Leeds – United Kingdom
    “Simulating Ti6Al4V chip formation with a new compressive shear failure law”
  • M.Sc. Michael Raab, IPA Fraunhofer – Germany
    “Potential use of cutting-force-simulation and chip-simulation for steel sawing”
  • Mr. Hans Decker, Leistritz – Germany
    “Toolpath Optimization of Turbine Components for Aerospace Engines using Production Module”
  • Mr. Marcin Szpunar, BRYK – Poland
    “The Effect of Cutting Edge Chamfering on Tool Wear during Finish Milling Superalloy Inconel 718 Using Tool with Brazed CBN Inserts”
  • Dr. Pedro Arrazola, Mondragon University – Spain
    “Prediction of Surface Integrity Condition in AdvantEdge”
  • Mr. Nishant Saini, Third Wave Systems – United States
    “Using Machine File Functionality for Interpreting Complex G-Code and M-Code based toolpaths”
  • Mr. Saurabh Virkar, Third Wave Systems – United States
    “Advanced Results Analysis – Getting the most out of Tecplot”

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