AdvantEdge Workshop - User Defined Kinematics

Workshop Schedule: Wednesday, June 2, 2021 10:00 am CDT

With the global shift in manufacturing, now is the time to use simulations effectively for reduced testing. Complex machining processes like power skiving, spin tool turning, bar peeling, etc. present a challenge when machinists try to understand and improve these processes. It is very difficult to measure forces experimentally in such processes and access to testing facilities is limited in today’s environment. In cases like bar peeling it is difficult to have a visual of the material removal given the safety enclosures required to protect the operators. AdvantEdge simulation models chip removal, heat flow and forces for such processes and can provide extremely valuable information to analyze, improve and innovate. The workshop will present the user-defined kinematics feature and demonstrate the ability to model and analyze the power skiving process in AdvantEdge.

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