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Third Wave Systems is excited to continue this year with a look into our latest and greatest developments in machining modeling! The series in May will focus on how modeling will make a lasting impact on your machining processes. The web-based sessions will dive into detail on how to apply TWS technology using case studies and specific examples from the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Orthopedic Implants, and Cutting Tool industries. The webinars will give users and customers a chance to learn more about the capabilities and improvements in the latest releases of AdvantEdge and Production Module.


The webinars and workshops are geared towards helping users understand machining modeling. Our initiative aims to help your team with:

  • Avoid tool breakage problems
  • Use simulations effectively
  • Perform fewer tests


Educational Webinar Schedule – May 2021:

The educational webinars will highlight practical applications from Third Wave Systems’ customers and partners. In order to register, please select the webinars of your choice.

1. Machining Methods Development for Superalloys with ATI – May 19th – 10 AM CDT/5 PM CEST   

ATI’s forged products is a critical link in ATI’s complete, integrated supply chain for specialty materials and their high-performance aerospace and defense applications. Their ability to create specialty material has allowed them to meet extreme specifications for customers in the aerospace, oil and gas, medical and other industries. ATI uses Production Module’s optimizing capabilities and integrates it in tool engineering workflow and machining methods development. It has allowed them to prove and validate numerous cases for Titanium and Nickel based superalloys reducing cycle time by over 2 hours. Production Module has helped ATI through its machining modeling capabilities by getting the process right the first time. The upcoming webinar will highlight how engineers at ATI improved the selection of part machining centers based on tool rigidity, part geometry, and required machining forces using Production Module.

2. Ist es möglich, einen Werkzeugweg für die HPC-Bearbeitung zu optimieren? – May 27th – 7 AM CDT/2 PM CEST 

Die HPC-Bearbeitung zeichnet sich durch eine hohe axiale Eingriffstiefe und eine geringe radiale Schnittbreite aus, was in vielen Fällen zu einem verbesserten Zeitspanvolumen und optimierter Leistungsaufnahme führt. Entdecken Sie mit uns anhand hochauflösender Simulationsergebnisse die Interaktion zwischen Schneidkante und Werkstoff bei der HPC-Bearbeitung und warum diese Technologie für Fertigungstechnologen immer mehr zur Strategie der Wahl wird. Die Möglichkeiten die Eingriffssituation mithilfe von Zerspansimulationen weiter zu verbessern und Werkzeugstand-, sowie Zykluszeiten der Bearbeitung zu optimieren, sind beeindruckend. In diesem Webinar werden wir die Schritte zur Optimierung der HPC-Bearbeitung aufzeigen und Strategien für den Optimierungsansatz anhand realer Kundenbeispiele erläutern.


Workshops on a wide variety of topics will cater to Third Wave Systems’ new and current users/customers. The series of workshops will focus on how modeling technology is being used to make a lasting impact on your machining processes. The schedule for the workshop series is as follows: 

AdvantEdge Workshop – May 2021

1. AdvantEdge Workshop on Cutting Tool Design – May 5th – 10 AM CDT/5 PM CEST    

Finite Element Analysis of your machining process can help you achieve significant savings by reducing tool design iterations and speed up time to market. The workshop will focus on Third Wave Systems’ machining-specialized Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modeling software, AdvantEdge, to highlight how the temperature, stress, chip flow, forces, and chip morphology prediction can provide the understanding needed to make informed decisions about tool design and guide experimental testing for better tool performance. The workshop will also review techniques to create high fidelity cutting tool solid models for running the AdvantEdge analysis. Attendees will gain an understanding of the underlying technology that enables modeling of non-linear behavior of metals due to deformation in a machining process.

Production Module Workshop – May 2021

1. Production Module – Turning Application Workshop –  May 25th – 8 AM CDT/3 PM CEST    

Process analysis and optimization is much more than cycle time reduction. Whether it’s understanding cutting forces to drive tool design, revisiting old applications to remove inefficiencies, or taking on new projects and ensuring success on the shop floor, this workshop will explore turning applications across multiple industries. Utilizing technology to drive innovation is key to staying ahead of the competition. Join us to see how leaders in manufacturing are leveraging Production Module to revolutionize the industry.

We will be continuously updating the list of events in the series. If you are interested in this type of workshop/webinar or there are any specific topics you are interested in recommending, please contact us at [email protected].

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