Use Bold Innovation in Motion to
Build Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Capabilities

Growing Your Defense Business through Unmanned Aerospace Capabilities
Advanced Technology Center - CCAT
Wednesday, July 27, 2022
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Business Development Leaders and Executives

Supercharge Your Aerospace Business

Join us on July 27 at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology for a demonstration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle machining modeling. 

Ideal for executives, this fast-paced, insight-rich program features strategies to build your defense business through UAV innovation.  In just one day, learn detailed strategies for:

  • Using physics-based machining to build your book of defense business;
  • Diversifying your portfolio through unmanned aerial vehicle capabilities;
  • Reducing machining costs by 50% with advanced modeling technologies.

Network with other aerospace leaders, learn from the industry’s brightest engineers, and end the day with strategies for overcoming the regulatory hurdles so common in defense manufacturing as well as a vision for broadening your business. 

Experience the highest-level aerospace machining modeling insights and put your business on the path to DoD supply chain success.

Skyborg concept – courtesy of AFRL

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