Dr. Jarred Heigel Presents TWS Innovation at America’s Largest

Defense Manufacturing Conference

R&D Manager, Dr. Jarred Heigel, recently returned from presenting his industry-leading knowledge and engineering insights to a packed room at last week’s 2021 Defense Manufacturing Conference in Aurora, Colorado.

Titled “Machining Modeling Technology for Small Turbine Engines,” Heigel showed how to reduce the cost of small engine turbine production using AdvantEdge  FEA technology and Production Module toolpath optimization.  Noted, TWS CEO, Kerry Marusich, “We couldn’t be prouder of Jarred representing our innovative technology at this important conference.”

Over 1,000 senior-level decision-makers attended the conference focused on the latest manufacturing innovations for the  defense industry.  Heigel effectively showed process engineers how to digitally iterate to ensure rapid implementation with minimal trial and error and scrap–all to increase speed-to-market as well as profitability.

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