New AdvantEdge UI

Machining Modeling. Inspired.

Introducing AdvantEdge v8.0: The most elegant, intuitive User Interface(UI) for modeling available today. With AdvantEdge v8.0 your workflows are smoother, designs are faster and new product time-to-market will become first-to-market.

Bold. Sophisticated. Elegant

AdvantEdge v8.0 GUI

Superior Set-Up.

With a complete overhaul of solid model interaction, AdvantEdge v8.0 delivers a graceful, harmonious design experience featuring:

  • Highly scalable and flexible workflows
  • Seamless switches between sub-process types
  • Unified and docked set-up windows with aligned formats

Easy on the Eyes.

From a chill dark mode to a 4K-enabled display, AdvantEdge v8.0 delivers a stunning visual experience to inspire advanced designs thanks to:

  • Easy-access ribbon with fewer pop-ups
  • Hover-driven self-explanatory menus
  • Design-aesthetic, brand-inspired color scheme

Solid XML Framework to Enable Design Automation.

Input, validation, and processing of all data is within an XML framework. This allows users to access:

  • XML based file structure to write scripts to run large DOEs automatically
  • Solid foundation for building end-to-end automation
Superior Design Experience
Chill Dark Mode
End-to-end Automation

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