Introducing  AdvantEdge 8.3

Tap the innovative 2D power of the new AdvantEdge 8.3 and see more areas for milling improvement, know more about the impacts of different design decisions, and receive these insights at lightning-fast speed.

Fig 1: Heat in the workpiece results in the drop in power consumption in the subsequent cuts


From defining ideal rake angles, chip gullets, core diameter and number of flutes to studying the transient heat flow of different cutting edges, AE 8.3 shows the ideal way to meet the most complex machining challenges in the least time possible—all with the simplicity and speed of 2D.

Fig 2: Understanding transient heat is the key to better tool and process design

Optimize 3D Analysis Using 2D Insights

The powerful 2D capability in AE 8.3 delivers more accurate tooling design without the computational resources required for 3D.  With this innovative simplicity, virtually any user can quickly, easily fine-tune simulation results in robust 2D—and then  finalize in true 3D and dramatically speeding up the analysis.

A generational breakthrough in milling simulation, AE 8.3 enables nearly any engineer to understand tool design variables much faster, make improvement decisions more accurately, and bring products to market at a much higher pace.

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