TWS 2021 Regional Users Conferences


  1. Will accommodation for overnight stay be provided by Third Wave Systems?

Accommodations for overnight stay at the hotel will not be provided by Third Wave Systems. If you plan to stay overnight, we would advise you to make a reservation on your own ahead of time.

2. Will transportation be provided by Third Wave Systems?

Third Wave Systems will not be providing the transportation facility to and from the hotel/airport to the conference venue.

3. Is there any registration fee associated with attending the conferences?

There is no registration fee or associated costs for attending the Regional Users Conferences. 

4. What is the deadline for registering for the conference?

We would advise you to register for the conference at your earliest convenience. Due to limited space, we will be honoring the early registrations when reaching capacity.

5. What are the measures in place for an indoor conference regarding the Covid-19 situation?

Third Wave Systems will be working closely with the conference venues to ensure all safety measures are in place with regard to Covid-19. We will be following CDC guidelines at the time of these events. The venue will be periodically cleaned and sanitized. There will be easy access to sanitation supplies throughout the venue.

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