Designing a drill for better chip control

OSG utilized Third Wave Systems product, AdvantEdge, to develop a brand new line for stainless steel WDO Drills. Using AdvantEdge, OSG was able to study chip shape and design improved drill geometries for chip evacuation.


  • Stringy and inconsistent chip shape in stainless steel¬† from conventional drill resulted in poor part quality
  • The designers had to evaluate a large number of design parameters
  • AdvantEdge was brought in to help evaluate various designs to guide the design evolution and reduce the number of machine trials that would have been needed otherwise


  • Use knowledge from simulations to determine the best tool design for chip and temperature control, stability and high material removal rates
  • Model the drill and chip(s) in AdvantEdge to determine chip characteristics and evaluate improved drill geometries


  • A new drill geometry was developed that includes an altered cutting edge and groove shape, which creates consistently broken chips

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