Makino Uses Production Module to Deliver Guaranteed Performance

As one of the world’s largest machine tool manufacturers, Makino chose Third Wave Systems to help develop breakthrough machining advancements.

Makino partners with customers to build and sustain metal-cutting businesses and thrives by making parts for customers that have the greatest impact. As part of this partnership, Makino machines sample parts for potential customers to demonstrate the advantages of Makino milling machines and is always looking to utilize technologies that drive efficiencies. Their commitment to constant innovation is not only to prove the benefits of Makino machines but also to promote better machining practices and impact their global community of customers as a whole.


Makino engineers needed to identify a 5-axis toolpath that would achieve a balanced load across the entire toolpath. The engineers needed to ensure that at no point in the toolpath, the bending moment limit of the machining process exceeded the machine’s capability. This was critical to ensure optimal spindle performance. The irregular geometry of modern cutters  and the variation in the contact due to 5-axis moves made made manual estimation challenging and insufficient.


Makino used Production Module to assess the bending moment for various toolpath strategies. Engineers were aware that the HSK 100 tool holder with 45000 N of clamping force had 1250 Nm of allowable bending moment. Production Module helped Makino pick the most optimal toolpath strategy keeping the bending moment limit in mind. 


  • Ensured spindle up time for guaranteed performance
  • Identified the 5-axis toolpath that would achieve balanced loads
  • Avoided wasteful trial and error on the production floor

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