Making Custom Material Models In AdvantEdge

Webinar Schedule: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 08:00 am CDT

Advanced Constitutive Material Models

Material behavior under machining conditions is inherently nonlinear. For example, pressure on a cutting edge turning Inconel at 300 SFM or milling at 3000 SFM results from a complex interaction of thermal-softening and strain-hardening as the material is sheared. Cutting test output can be beneficial in certain situations but is severely limited in its predictions over a wide range of cutting conditions.

By comparison, Third Wave Systems’ advanced material models are based on fundamental material properties, capturing nonlinearity, which provides better predictions and consistent results. This is the best and only comprehensive way to understand machining processes.

Study tool stress at different sections of the model

Novel materials are being developed at a fast pace to support product development across industries. The manufacturing community needs to spend considerable time to learn how to machine these new materials. Understanding the fundamental material behavior is vital for machining modeling. With over 140 materials in the database, AdvantEdge simplifies the job of creating the material models. What is relatively less known is that AdvantEdge also allows users to create custom material models. These sophisticated models can be used in AdvantEdge to perform detailed analyses such as tooling selection, optimum cutting parameters determination, etc. Learn more about importing Custom Material Models in AdvantEdge in our upcoming webinar to shorten the process development cycle.

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